our new mantle

Trent surprised me with this on Christmas Morning! A mantle and soon to be added gas fireplace. (the bright flamish light is just a wad of Christmas lights for effect. It's not quite done yet but he's working on that.

P.S. here is what it looked like before the mantle was up.

Oh and another thing, the window won't be missed to badly because that is the garage wall and would have been removed anyway once we get our garage built.

Charlie Motel Stationary

OOh Merry Christmas to ME!!!!
Look what my sister Merrilee sent me! I love all of the illustrations from Meg at CharlieMotel.etsy.com

Thanks MER!!! I love it!

Gingerbread makes the season BRIGHTER

EVEN WHEN ITS NOT REAL CANDY, Making Gingerbread houses makes the season BRIGHTER!! Here is the cutest virtual Gingerbread house I found and had SOO much fun playing with! Here is the link! CLICK ME

Dreaming of ice papier mache sculpture

She dreams of being a real ice skater while running and spinning in
the freshly fallen snow. She is also available in my shop!

shop update

A new print and an original painting are up in the shop right now so
take a look. More Comming soon.

Domestic Disaster

Today I wanted to make a cake before Trent came home.
I wanted to surprise him with a beautiful cake with yummy cheesecake frosting.
I wanted to be a domestic goddess.
My daughter requested pink be the main color.
Everything went great....

till I tried to frost it.
All my hard work.
MY beautiful cake!!!!! :( :( :(
All my dreams of becoming a domestic goddess crumble to the floor.
Well not really because when my daughter saw it sitting on the counter in all its falling -apart-ness she said in the sweetest most sincere voice "MOM its sooooooo beautiful!"
I'm almost ok now and this post is part of the "get over it, its just a cake" healing process for me.
I have to be able to laugh at these things.

New painting and happy package

Lucky Lucky you!!

You get to see my newest painting-

"Sophi the blacksmiths daughter"


And guess what came in the MAIL!!!!

Thats right its the so so pretty ornament hand painted by the talented Jenn of Noodle and Lou

I love it so much! If you can belive it, it looks even more beautiful in real life! I am so pleased! THANKS JENN!!

D-I-Y craft "tutorial"

Here is what I'm making- Christmas ice-skating figurine out of paper mache`.

items needed:
bailing wire,
tin foil,
news paper,
mix of flour and water in a bowl,
screw and screwdriver,
wooden block.

I bent the wire using pliers into the shape of my desired position for the "skeleton"

I shaped the foot that touches the ground into a circle just big enough to fit the screw.

and I drilled the "skeleton" to the wood block via the circle in the foot.

I then put a ball of foil onto the head and body to get the mass I wanted and i went crazy with the paper mache`

I also reinforced the scarf with wire to get the effect of it blowing behind her.

added some pretty colors and voila`!

she is still needing touch ups but this gives you the general idea of how she will turn out. Sorry about the shortage of informative photos. I'll remember to take more during the actual sculpting and pasting of paper mache` next time. Hope you enjoyed it!

Moving my Etsy Shop!

HI there everyone I'm moving my shop to a new place for name consistency reasons.


PLEASE heart me at this shop.

I will not post any new items on the other shop. I plan to eventually clearance all the left over items in the old shop.

So check out the new shop because my newest dolly is up!

sketch of the day

I want to finish this little witch by digitally coloring her. I
have yet to learn the best technique for doing so. I am very pleased
with how the first sketch turned out. This pretty witch sketch is sure
to help you have a happy Halloween!!!

our little Halloween party

We hung some ghosts up on the walls for a spooky effect. I loved the B&W themes in the Halloween magazines this year so I tried a little black and white too. :)

Pretty pumpkins all in a row lining our walk.
Tiny pumpkins in a pedestal bowl. I love the contrast between the orange and white.

Our butter cream frosted "brain" cupcakes tasted GREAT! We also had mummy dogs that tasted wonderful! We ate them all up before we got a picture.
Butterfly Fairy Princess.
Pirate Baby.
Pirate Trent + Creepy Death party guest
Me as a scary beyond scary green faced witch. ( I didn't really like how the green face paint turned out.) i still have two more Halloween activities to do it better, or just a totally different costume. Happy Halloween!!!