Gudmundsen Home Improvement

Okay everyone here are the picures you have all been requesting. The new REMODEL! By no stretch of the imagination are we done but I wanted to share the fun way it's all turning out. We love to work on our home and make it beautiful. I should get you all some before pictures too! those who know what it looked like before can attest to the great improvement we have made already. And we've only lived here for three years

Cherry Apron

This lovely apron is something I made a few years ago and never finished. ( My beautiful sister Carianne is wearing it using a ruber band to tie the back.) OOPS! When my family came to visit the ooed and awed about it so I thought I'd put it on my blog anyway. someday I'll finfsh it.

Cute litle strawberry pouch

This is another one of those scrap creations I have been doing. They're really a lot of fun. I decided to make a little pouch out of this one. He's the best one yet I think.

Crafty Things

Here are the crafty things I have been up to latley. These little guys were made from my scrap fabric box. I was itching to create but didn't have the money to go shoping for new fabrics so this is what came of it. hope you are inspired. :)


Commence the Blogging!

I am just starting a new blog here and i called it my magazine because i hope to share a lot of photos of the things i am interested in or just enjoy. i have a photo sharing site on flickr but i couldnt start a blog to go with it. so let the blogging begin!