Annie Pie Doll

This Is the concept drawing and actual Anniepie doll that my sister Carianne made. I love her! I think I'm going to have to have one ! I hope she makes more! Making dolls is so much fun!!! I'm glad my sister likes doing it too! We can share and ask each other questions about sewing tips and techniques.

This is the concept drawing for her Lollianne doll I'm really excited to see how she turns out

"The sculpting of a great life"

I just finished reading Carianne's recent blog entry, entitled "hmmm...", and I had to post a comment, then "Buddy Boy" turned off the computer right when I was almost done. :( So here i am posting it on my blog.

Anyway, she talks about sculpting her life into something beautiful. Well, recently I read the last three months of my journal and i have found that I go through the exact same cycle every month making the same mistakes and then fixing them and then there i am at the same place as before. I say to myself "someday I'll get this right" then reality hits and i say " no I won't. I'll NEVER be perfect." and I feel crummy. Then that familiar little voice says "Lorajean of course you will never be perfect ON YOUR OWN!" I need my Father in Heavens help! any way it was one of those moments where you're overwhelmed and then you're at peace! I just had to share it.

So, like Carianne, I too am creating a great life and hopefully someday it will be perfect. as long as I let God be the sculptor.

Linen Apron

Linen Apron
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love this apron!

RicRac Apron

RicRac Apron
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This apron makes me want another skirt! Daryllyn this makes me think of your apron skirt a little. Except it has ric rac instead of a ruffle.
happy apron swapping! (are we still on for the sisters apron swap?)

I love this boy and dog in a cream chair

This doll is so insparational to me. This is how i would like some of my dolls to have turned out. i lke the way mine have all turned out but none of them were what I was thinking. It doesnt make mine any less cool though.

Chocolate cupcake painting

Hello and good morning! I'm up early to post my latest and greatest. I have started using acryli

c paints too now and here it the first one of what i hope to be many. I love this one it makes me want to open a bakery. Hope you like it


My new girl painting

Hi again, I know I already posted today but I LOVE this painting so much I have to share it. It is really hard to get used to Gouache paints so I'm very proud that this turned out so well. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make a bunch of prints of this actual size, ( 9 x 12) but I think I'll start out doing post cards. I guess that's all I have to say, except that I want to do a series of girls like this, but I'm not sure who to use as models. I don't want all my girls to look like my daughter. (Even though she's adorable.) She was my model for this one if you didn't guess that already. I hope my talented illustrator sister, Merrilee Liddiard , likes her. That would make me happy. :) :) :)

P.S. - I thought that I might as well show you the pictures I took of my craft room. Not like it's decorated cutely or anything I was just having fun.

Sweets & Treats

Hi all, I have been in love with painting latley! I have also been in love with sweets. I have been painting them a lot in the past few days. (If I painted them instead of eating them I'd probably still fit my pre child bearing clothes.) I love these little gems. They are sooo sweet. (No punn intended... at first.) I plan on getting some post cards done of these and sell them on Etsy. Hope you like em.

boy in blue sweater vest, little lola doll

Hi everyone! My new boy dolly is up on etsy. He's my best one yet.

SUPRISE! Look at what came in the mail for me!

This adorable little chick from Chet and Dot came in the mail the other day. Merrilee suprised me with this as a "late birthday" or an "i just knew you had to have this" gift. AND i did have to have this because it is so cute. (Even more so in real life.) I am so happy. Thanks Mer!!!

Yeah it turned out!!!! My first item of clothing I made all by myself!

I am so happy ! It's a great summer time skirt, so cool and lightweight. I love this shot of me in the kitchen! It makes me feel like baking some cookies. Note to self: make slip to go with it, it is a little see through.

"Buddy Boy" is 1 year old!

 Happy Day at the Gudmundsen's house! We have a big 1 year old boy now. He loved smashing the cake in his fingers, and he loves his Monster doll. Now that he is older both our kids love to play together, awesome bonus to having them close together in age. "Girly Girl" loved getting ready, decorating and wraping were her favorites. She's very ready to have her birthday. Poor girl has been so good waiting through three of every one elses birthdays. Trent's, Mine, and "Buddy Boy's" then it finally is time for hers.

Sorry loves this one's for me!

How sad I was a month ago when my perfect beyond perfect diaper bag Liberty gave me was stolen. I'm still in mourning because it really rocked. Especially because a replacement diaper bag would be and extra strain on my almost non-existent budget. And if I wanted to replace it with and awesome one it would most likely be expensive. So HOORAY for scraps from my lovely mothers barn and my grandmothers fabric drawer. My new motto is "poverty is the mother of invention"! Here it is! The sweet bird, twig and leaf diaper bag,designed, or made up, by moa'! I love it!