Thrifted busts and pedistal bowl

I always look forward to our monthly trip to the thrift store. This time We struck GOLD! I have always loved the stone ballerina bust my lovely Mother has on her mantle, so when I saw these little sweethearts I had to get them! P.S...they only cost a $1.50 each.

I also got this awesome pedestal bowl for our pears to hang out in! (also a $1.50)

And here they all are together!
Oh I almost forgot!
We also purchased a soup dish that matches all of these as well, I just forgot to get a picture of it. Its very pretty.

Shoe Love

Recently I have been looking for the perfect maryjanes. I tried these ones on at Famous Foot Wear and they pinched my toes unbearably so that choice went out the window.I looked at these ones (below) at Anthropology and they cost $260 (roughly) YIKES choice

Then I went to Smiths Marketplace and there they were and on sale! I am so excited to have found a comfy & affordable high heeled shoe!
Aren't they Lovely!

Mini painting

Trent and I went to the frame shop the other day to pick up an order, and we saw these mini frames there and I fell in love!!! I just had to create something to go inside one of those itty bitty frames. Now, I didn't buy one yet so I don't have a photo of the painting framed but I HAD to share the painting with you anyway. The painting is only 4x3 in. Cute huh!!and a close up view here

Lori Mitchell

I am so much in love with these little sculpures by Lori mitchell
They inspire me! so much!

A chick with a party hat on

Okay everyone here is my latest painting inspired by a Balderdash game played with my family and my brothers close friend Alex Mcbean. Do any of you know what game I'm talking about? Do you all remember the inside joke created from the above mentioned game? By the way, I have plans to paint a duck wearing a party hat next time. :) Happy Thursday everyone!

Lady bugs and polka dots

Take a look at the lady bug polka dot birthday party
Carianne had for her daughter Abby!
Just click the picture to get to the full article.

Halloween "old-fashioned" photo.

We spent about two hours on Photoshop today figuring out how to make these new Halloween photos look old (we turned them sepia tone and added vignettes, "scratches", "dust" spots, made them slightly out of focus, caused over-exposure, etc.. There are no short-cuts for any of these, so that's why it took us two hours to figure it out). We plan on doing similar photos for all of us. Enjoy (and vote for your favorite). :)
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Halloween "old fashioned" photo (that we photoshop'd ourselves)

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Little Lola Doll in a flowery dress

Hello again, Sorry to have taken so long to get this dolly finished. Shes up on my Etsy right now. I love her! The thing I love most is she turned out better than I thought. The eyes turned out better than last time I tried to embroider eyes. And I lust love her braids! I hope to make the rest just like her just in different dresses. I even drew a pattern so I can make them JUST like her! That makes this a lot easier.