sketch of the day

I want to finish this little witch by digitally coloring her. I
have yet to learn the best technique for doing so. I am very pleased
with how the first sketch turned out. This pretty witch sketch is sure
to help you have a happy Halloween!!!

our little Halloween party

We hung some ghosts up on the walls for a spooky effect. I loved the B&W themes in the Halloween magazines this year so I tried a little black and white too. :)

Pretty pumpkins all in a row lining our walk.
Tiny pumpkins in a pedestal bowl. I love the contrast between the orange and white.

Our butter cream frosted "brain" cupcakes tasted GREAT! We also had mummy dogs that tasted wonderful! We ate them all up before we got a picture.
Butterfly Fairy Princess.
Pirate Baby.
Pirate Trent + Creepy Death party guest
Me as a scary beyond scary green faced witch. ( I didn't really like how the green face paint turned out.) i still have two more Halloween activities to do it better, or just a totally different costume. Happy Halloween!!!

New dolly

Here is a sneek peek at whats coming very soon to my little shop!!

noodle and lou studio: and the winner is...

noodle and lou studio: and the winner is...

Hey look at who won this pretty ornament! I'm so excited and Lucky!

See what I won right here!

Re-beautified ballet flats

Many of you may remember the sequin slippers I used to wear all the time. You may also recall how worn down they quickly became. In fact they looked quite horrible. It was then that I started to hunt for another, more neutral, pair of ballet flats. I wanted ones that I could wear with anything and that were really comfy. I looked and looked with no success. None of the ballet flats I tryed on were cute and comfy at the same time. I returned home disaopointed and
frustrated. I had placed the sequin slippers in the "to be taken to the thrift store box" but took them out again and realized that with a bit of work I could turn the slippers I already had into the flats I wanted. I grabbed my seam ripper and ripped all the sequins off, then
I got the tweezers and tweezed all the left-over threads out. Then I grabbed the black shoe polish off the shelf and they transformed into beautiful black slippers. I love how they turned out! I really didn't expect this all to turn out as pretty as it did. I thought if they
didn't turn out, I wouldn't have spent any money at all, and therefore it couldn't hurt to try. All my work payed off and I am very happy with them. In fact, I wear them every day now!

Family Silhouettes

For Halloween we thought it would be fun to make silhouettes of all of
us. They turned out so cool that we are going to leave them up all

fairy & princess overload!

My daughter can't seem to pick what she wants to be for Halloween. That's
okay because we have a few more weeks, but if I sew it she has to pick
soon! Here are her pics from a browse we took around the internet the
other day. What's your fave?

Mini acrylic portrait

This is badly lit and a little fuzzy but it will have to do. I just
love the way it looks framed!!!!! I think I have to do more little
portraits like this. the Frame shop has lots of miniature frames that
need to be filled with my art.

Tea Time, Original Gouache painting

Here is my newest painting called Tea Time. its up in the shop now. This original painting is sold but prints will be available soon.

Look Im on the front page of Etsy!

Take a look at the front page of etsy and what do you see? Its my lola doll in a flowery dress!

Awesome huh?!!!

Thanks Jenn for letting me know!!!

P.S. They have updated to new pics, but here it is on the treasury page


Chloe' Re'miat

While browsing the blog lists from some of my favorite bloggers, I
came across the art of Chloe' Re'miat. I love that these pieces are
made of papier mache'...she basically makes art from
nothing! The fact that they are so beautiful is just remarkable to me!

Little girls dresses

My daughter LOVES to wear dresses. For a year she and I have argued about what she should wear to the park and in the winter. I would buy her brand new outfits with pants and she would never wear them. My time and money were being wasted. Well I say if you cant beat em' join em'! I have recently decided to embrace her choice in clothing. I found these images for patterns in a Japanese pattern book for sale on Etsy by Chocolate Swirl. I love every single one. I love the warm tights and boots one girl wears for winter. I also love the natural choice of colors and simplicity of the dresses. these inspired me to let her wear dresses all the time. I'm really excited to make the dresses she has look more like these images.

A Halloweeen-y Meal

Happy October everyone!!

My awesome mother sent me a spooky care pacage today. In it I recived black spabetti, ghost marshmallow peeps, and awesome hot chocolate mugs. Also in the package were Choxy chocolate bars (YUMMMMMMM!), and Halloween recepie cards with fun and creative ways to have Halloween themed dinners and treats! It was so cool I just had to share this with you!

Etsy Halloween Costume Contest

Hi everyone I'm EXCITED for Halloween this year! Especially because of this contest! I'm thinking of entering it! Only thinking because I may be consumed by Halloween party planing at the time I would be making it. Also I will probably be making our whole family their consumed this year. Wow thats a lot of sewing. Any way you all can enter if you want here is the info.

Oh yes, my crafty ghosts and goblins, we’re holding the ultimate handmade costume contest, and awarding eighteen winners with over $2,000 worth of goods and prizes. Three winners will be selected in each of the following six categories: Pet, Kid & Baby, T-Shirt Costume, Sci-Fi, Green, and General Awesomeness!

Judges from,,,,,, and are helping us pick the winners and donating cool prizes.

The Rules:
To enter make a handmade costume and put it for sale in your Etsy shop no later than 11:59 EDT, October 26, 2007.

  • All entries must be tagged 'costumecon'.
  • All entries must comply with Etsy's Terms of Use, Dos and Don'ts and other Site Policies.
  • Entrants must specify which categories they want their items to be submitted by stating so in their item description. All entries will be considered for the general awesomeness category.
  • Each Etsy seller may have up to three entries in each category, but may submit the same item into as many categories as they think apply.
  • Contest is open to U.S. residents only, due to dumb laws that we hate.
  • No purchase necessary. You can also send us your photos and a written description (See legalities).

Go to this page for the rest

No bird in the birdcage ORIGINAL acrylic painting

Here is a little peek of whats NEW in my painting collection, it will be up in my shop later Today. What a fun project this was! I love the texture and print showing through. I also love that she is holding Mr. Squid-opus, a plushy who is also in my shop.