Fashion Friday: Earth Tones

I am loving the look of these Five outfits today! The natural earth tones really speak to me. I adore the boots they are all wearing,and I also like the cravat type bows a few of them are wearing at the neck. Hope you all have a great Friday! When the weather warms up I'll start posting spring fashion, it's still freezing here in the mountains of Utah. Clothes Designed by Carolina Herrera, images are from New York Fashion show

Kate Winslet Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gallery

My Regency Era Hairstyle with a modern twist.

As you all probably know, I've been in Love with the Regency Era of fashion as of late, and now it's affected the way I do my hair. As an experiment I tried to get my hair to look as authentic as I could, while putting in some modern adjustments. In the back I made what would have been perfect pin curls and ringlets into something a bit more messy; but I really liked how it all turned out. The shirt I chose to wear really reflects the gathered dress fronts of that era too, and that was not even intentional. ;) (See, It's infecting everything I do whether I want it to or not.) Oh, and the shoes were just a really great thrift store find that I had to share. They were only three bucks! Have a great day!

In love with the Sweater

I happened upon this lovely collection of sweaters via Loobylu, a lovely illustrators blog I read. The sweaters, scarfs, and berets are designed by Kim Hargreaves. You really must look at her website because EVERY sweater is so beautiful. I love that they have a classical old fashioned twist to modern fashion. And who doesn't LOVE sweaters.

What I've been "studying"

I have been obsessed with fashion history as of late, it came about from my love for these traditional paintings I've been "collecting" on my computer. I hope these inspire you as much as they do me. As a complete coincidence I watched Becoming Jane last night and fell even more in love with the Regency, or Empire fashion era. Its a MUST SEE!!! Loved it (I cried).

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My Studio

I'm sure you all remember my recent post about inspiring art rooms, well I finally have my studio all made up with pretty things and now it's worthy of sharing with all of you.
I don't have any expensive and amazing things like new furniture and storage units, but it is a beautiful room any way. I just made do with what I had already. I used somethings in different ways than they were meant to be used. And I painted the room with left-over paint from my daughters room makeover. I rearranged the furniture and now my drafting table is right next to the window for good light for painting and drawing, and the sewing/crafting table, with the inspiration board over it, is on the other wall so you can see it right when you walk in the room.
It really turned out nice. In fact it surprises me, every time I go in, how great I feel when I'm in there. It's really a great space to work and be creative.

To the Right,
is the inspiration board, It is made from an old room divider that we never ever used. If you look close you can see that is is made of mesh wire, that you can see right through, so it couldn't really divide any rooms very well. When I realized that I could use clothes pins to hold inspirational photos and things on it, it became my inspiration board.
I really Love it! It's pretty heavy, so I had Trent make sure and screw it into the studs on the wall.

is the shelf that Trent made me a long time ago, that I am now using to store books and stack all of my hat boxes. I never realized I had so many till I arranged them all in one place.
I also used my little daisy pedestal to set come cute dollies on, and a wooden painted L. I'm really enjoying it a-lot! Have a happy Friday I'm off to play in my pretty studio.

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