Warwick Goble Illustrations

I thought I'd share some illustrations by Warwick Goble, I love his landscape backgrounds they have such a great illustrative style to them but a lot of realism too. His color schemes are really amazing as well. I am completely inspired, he he! I want to get painting right now! Hope you enjoy looking at these as mush as I do. Have a great Monday!

Nicole Kidman Gallery

Parisian fashion plates

Wandering around the internet this morning was really fun because I happened uppon these beautiful Parisian fashion plates. The owner politely asked that no one uses the images so I used an image from this source instead. But please follow the link they are very pretty images.

The reveal

Ta da! One of these little pretties is still up in the Little Lola's shoppe right now so take a peek.
P.S. what do you think of the outdoor photos? I was trying something new. Are they as as good, or not as good, as the white backgrounds of the other girls? I already listed these photos so it's a tad too late to ask opinions but, for next time, I thought I'd see what you all thought. have a great day!


A long hot bath and a good book can cure anything. Nap time & a movie for the non napper are very helpful too. So, on a lighter note than the last post I thought I'd share a snippet of what is to come. Two pretty girls that need a final coat of sealer and a final photo shoot before they can have a full Little Lola's shoppe debut. I just hope the sun shows its bright warm face tomorrow, at least for a half an hour, so I can get good lighting for the photos. It has been snowing, hailing, raining, and "snowraining" he he, all day today! Silly spring!

I give up

After spending hours and hours sorting out the clothes putting some in storage and all of the rest neatly in the closet all sorted and organized PERFECTLY this is what I get?? I have had it. Why do I work so hard on these things? Ok, so I know this is not the end of the world but I had to vent in some way that didn't involve yelling and being an outright mean mommy. I needed to let off some steam. thanks for letting me whine a little. I promise to post happiness soon. (And maybe we will get a lock on the closet.)

Kids room finally done

Here we are in the kids room taking some pretty dark photos, but I really wanted to share the progress I've made!

All we need to finish it off is to put the chair rail up separating the cream and pink.

Miley Cyrus Hot Wallpapers

Jennifer Lopez Pictures

Bits of bedroom design

Here is an old photo of my bedspread, I don't need to tell you that It is very bold and bright and very hard to decorate around. But I love it and feel it so silly and impractical to purchase a new one (despite my husbands pleadings). I know it can become a beautiful accent to a lovely designed bedroom! So I have made it my quest to create a MASTER bedroom that tones down the brightness of the bedspread, and as a whole creates a great room without becoming overwhelming.

I'm now asking for your help!
What are some things you would do to create a lovely room that includes this bedspread? (And maybe tones it down a bit.)

Here is what I have been looking at for inspiration.

Below are some rooms that wonderfully demonstrate a great way to use bold colors and patterns in a room and not over whelm the room obnoxiously.

I love this room, above. All of it is great to me, the wallpaper color is so pretty and it tones down the brightness of the bed.

Above is another great room and if you look the bed spread is really colorful but it is not taking all the attention.

The above pink walls are a bit too bright but I really love the pillows and the headboard.

A pretty chandelier is a must! I have yet to thrift and flip one to my liking, I have a silly flaw that causes me to never pay more than 15 bucks on something I can re-create with a thrift'ed or re-purposed item, and a fresh coat of paint. (Not always is this a flaw, it saves me money and allows me to be creative and unique, but there are no good chandeliers at my local thrift stores as of late.)

Some way cute pillows, above. A bed can never have too many fluffy pillows.

A yellow ocher color is what we are wanting, below is a great example of a neutral yellow that I really like.
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