Summer Bounty

Good afternoon!
Look what I found in my yard...

... all round and plump and ready to pick.

Thats right, a lovely red strawberry! And there's more where that came from.

We harvested quite a few, an amazing thing because my daughter usually eats all of them before they are ripe.

Fresh strawberry's warm from the sun always taste the best!

Don't they look so pretty and tasty!

Oh and guess who's back from her trip to a museum? Isabella! Oh how I've missed her! She will be in my shop tomorrow!

Edit: Isabella is up in the shop right now!!!

EDIT(again): She has sold already! :) Wow that was fast!

And... this lovely new painting is back from that same museum all framed and hanging nicely next to my fireplace. I am unsure whether I want to sell her because she looks so nice up on my wall.

What a lovely day I had today! Hope your day was great too!

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