felt flower craft

I had a lot of fun playing around with this new felt flower clip I made. It is adorable in my daughters hair but look how sweet it is on her beret.

The secrets out!

We're putting our house up for sale!

My husband and I wanted real pressure to get our home finished a ready to sell so we listed it this morning, even though we have a few things to finish up. We listed it on craigslist see it here. I even made a home tour blog check it out here.
So if you know anyone moving in the Logan Utah area looking for a 3 bdrm 2 bath home with lots of character send them our way!
Have a great day!

Wallpapers Of Elsa Benitez

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I made chocolates

I have to confess something, I am super addicted to making home made treats and sweets! But I have another confession, I am a little bit of a selfish cook. I need to figure out a way to make them and not eat them. I need to let some of them go to other homes, like neighbors or family. I am super obsessed with cute packaging, like here , here , and here, so I am determined and excited to give away at least some these candies to our neighbors! I'll take photos of the packaging when I get them made. If anyone knows where I can find a free download template for making little boxes let me know!

Sneak peek at my newest artwork

Here are my two latest paintings that are still not finished. They only have a few tiny things to add before they are truly finished. I am super excited! For some reason I haven't painted in a really long time. Working on these was really refreshing. I'm not going to put these into the shop just yet, I'm going to work on more art while this artsy muse is still around.

celery rose stamp

Isn't this the greatest thing ever? My sis did this to wrap a belated christmas package. Way to go Carianne!!


We are having a red air day (they advise us not to be outdoors excessively) here in Logan and it is super foggy. Being in a small valley when a large blanket of clouds stays around too long the air quality goes down. In spite of the bad air the frost is quite pretty so I took some photos.

I HEART my living room

Just stopping by sharing my Valentines Day decorations I put up in the living room. I just love after christmas sales. I got that 6 1/2 ft white tree for 17$ at Wal-mart. :) The glittered 3d heart ornaments were 1/2 off at the 1$ store. How cool is that!! Notice the re-purposed paper chains, from here? All the rest are hand made. The heart cookies were made from salt dough. I'll have to give a tutorial on those sometime! They're great! Don't you love the pink red and white candy corns in the jar on the mantle? :) Hope you have a great weekend! We are spending our weekend fixing up a bunch of unfinished home improvement projects. Yippee!

Mad about Mad Baker

I just love these heart shaped macaroons and decorated cookies by the blogger Mad Baker. They're just so yummy looking and festive!

Muffin breakfast

I baked blueberry muffins today for breakfast! YUM! It made breakfast a real treat this morning because I almost never cook breakfast on weekdays any more. Mostly because lately a certain someone is away working hard being on the front page of Tuesdays paper! When my hubby isn't here for breakfast I usually opt for cold cereal (something he greatly dislikes). But today I really wanted blueberry muffins! The bonus was Trent left late today and was able to have some!
Who doesn't love warm steamy muffins! And wrapped in LOVE'ly cupcake papers!


I couldn't help taking a few self portraits (via my crappy web cam) and playing around with the color a bit to get a neat look. What do you think? I'm a dork I know! :)

Birthday package for my best friend

Liberty here is the party I would throw you if I were there in CO with you!! (click image for source)
I miss you and love you a ton! I couldn't ask for a better best friend! "Hppy brtdy"! He he a little high school humor for you "Bill", from your friend "Jell".

Here is the fun you DO have coming to you in the mail soon. Sorry I couldn't get to the post office soon enough for it to arrive today.
A super fun package celebrating my bestest girl friend. Yippee!
I had a great time picking your initials in a cool font. Hand painted by me.

A print that not only looks cute but the when I saw it I immediately thought of you.
(print by poppy talk)
Ooh Country Time lemon drops! Way yummy! I made sure to try them out for you just to be sure! :) Have a great Birthday!

Season of the HEART

Here is our Valentines Day tree all decorated with paper valentines I made for Trent on our very first Valentines Day together. I am so excited! I heart Heart Day!