Night Watch

Night Watch
Magazine/ Vogue Hommes Japan Issue #3 Fall/Winter 2009
Photography/ Hironobu Maeda
Styling/ Shun Watanabe
Source (Credit)/ Vogue Hommes Japan Blog | © Vogue Hommes Japan

Beautiful Images of Amy Acker

Amy Acker Nice Wallpaper

Amy Acker Famous Wallpaper

Amy Acker Beautiful

Amy Acker Cute Pics

Bones Music Video by A Mountain of One

Bones Music Video by A Mountain of One

Album/ Institute of Joy (2009)
Visit/ A Mountain of One on MySpace
Source/ YouTube

Vogue Hommes Japan Beauty

Vogue Hommes Japan Beauty
Magazine/ Vogue Hommes Japan Issue #3 Fall/Winter 2009
Photography/ Josh Olins
Styling/ Shun Watanabe
Hair/ Shay Ashual at Tim Howard
Makeup/ Maki Ryoke at Tim Howard
Models/ Alexander Johansson and Shin-Han at NY Models, Andrew Ruffin at Red, Ethan James at Ford, Joseph Culp at Fusion, Keith Hernandez and Marshall Brockley at Request, Philip Huang at Pure
Source (Credit)/ Vogue Hommes Japan Blog | © Vogue Hommes Japan

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2010 Collection
Collage by/ SONGS&FOTOS
Show Video/ YouTube
Visit/ Jil Sander
Source (Credit)/ ©

Ten Outstanding Free Wallpaper Sites

Are you perpetually in search of internet sites that will give you free wallpapers of the best possible quality? Now, your search may just be over. Here are ten outstanding internet sites where you can download equally outstanding free wallpapers.


This free wallpapers site allows you to sign up at no cost on your part at all. What's more, signing up including password retrieval only takes all of five minutes. Wallpaper categories include 3D, abstract, animation, celebrities, patriotic, etc. Aside from wallpapers, this site also offers themes, logon screens, icons and cursors. also features the latest news pertaining to technology.


Wallpapers from adds a sexy edge to you computer desktop. Aside from wallpapers that consist of an impressive display of scantily-clad men and women, this site also presents wallpapers featuring movie posters, celebrity photos, nature, vehicles, sports, anime, cartoons, etc.


This site is primarily for Windows XP users who wish to modify their computer skins and themes. Aside from offering a wide array of free wallpapers, also has a notable collection of themes, skins, icons and other tools essential in customizing your computer usage. The site also offers news from the world of technology.


Aside from free wallpapers, also presents themes, logon screens, icons, cursors, etc. for users of Windows XP and Vista. Categories of wallpapers include nature, celebrity, fantasy, animals, automobiles, etc. An important feature of this site is its Belchfire Recommends section which presents a discussion of products and tools that could come in handy in customizing your computer.

5. has a varied array of wallpapers categorized as 3D, automobiles, celebrities, religious, sci fi, etc. This site features a list of the most popular wallpapers, as well as the highest-rated wallpapers. This is helpful when you don't have the time to look at each and every file in the website. Just select one from the list of most popular or highest-rated wallpapers for something that is sure to give you maximum satisfaction.

6. presents a collection of wallpapers made from 3D rendered high-quality JPEG images. The wallpapers in this site can be used with most computer operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This site has wallpapers in interesting categories such as Christian, Spiderman, Superman, Disney, Holidays, and Star Trek. also offers wallpapers for I-Phone, PSP and mobile phones.

7. features wallpaper categories that cannot be found in other free wallpapers websites such as color, cool and simple, dual monitor, graphics, paper textures, poetry, potpourri, and word graphics. The poetry category features your favorite verse or poem set against an attractive and fitting background. The word graphics category, on the other hand, displays big words such as pugnacious, compunction, agglomeration, diaphanous, gallimaufry, laconic, antediluvian, etc. arranged in a colorful and somewhat graphic style.

8. features a collection of mostly nature-inspired wallpapers that are all remarkable. Aside from these, however, the site also has travel wallpapers categorized according to places or countries such as Greece, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, etc.

9. presents wallpapers grouped into a set of unique categories. These include gothic, hot cars, ancient and lost civilization, celebrity, body painting, and, yes, even hot girls and bollywood babes.


This site boasts 4,895 wallpapers in 42 albums and three categories. The fact that this site only has three wallpaper categories is a welcome change from the other websites that have almost as much categories as they have wallpapers. The wallpaper categories in are Cars 1896-2008, multi-display wallpapers, and, plain and simple, wallpapers.

With this varied compilation of wallpapers from some of the best sites on the internet, you will surely find a handful of wallpapers that you will surely enjoy.

V #60 Preview Fall 2009

V #60 Preview Fall 2009
Source (Credit)/ V Magazine | Issuu

The New Fur

The New Fur (皮草新风貌)
Magazine/ Vogue China October 2009
Photography/ Jason Kibbler
Styling/ Julia Von Boehm
Models/ Bara Holotova, Madisyn Ritland and Shu Pei
Source (Credit)/ © VOGUE China

Yuri Pleskun for Jolijn Snijders Photography

Yuri Pleskun for Jolijn Snijders Photography
Photography/ Jolijn Snijders
Model/ Yuri Pleskun
Source (Credit)/ © Jolijn Snijders

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