a gift for my little sis

sara's gift

I have been on a beading kick lately and my little sister is turning fourteen in a few weeks, so I decided I needed to celebrate by making her some jewelry. I think I had as much fun packaging them as I did making them. (I can get away with posting the photos this soon because she is going to be on the road for a while and then romping around Disneyland! NOT FAIR!) :)

close neclace
close earings

World of Wallpaper

3D Animated Cartoon

Pein Akatsuki Wallpaper

Pein and Hanzou picture

Pein Akatsuki

Sai Naruto Anime Wallpaper

Sai anime manga

Konoha Anime Wallpaper

Haku Best Anime PIcture

Haku Picture

Haku Anime Manga

Best Hidan Anime Wallpaper

Hidan Picture

Hidan Wallpaper

Hidan Anime Image

Ichigo Bankai Anime Wallpaper

Ichigo Bankai Anime Wallpaper

Uchiha Sasuke Wallpapers

Uchiha Sasuke wallpaper

Uzumaki Naruto Wallpapers

Uzumaki Naruto Wallpaper

Uzumaki Naruto Metal Kunai Knife

Sasuke and Naruto Wallpapers

Sasuke and Naruto Image

Playgirl Wallpaper

Hot Pics Wallpaper

Animated 3D

Paper Planes #03 Barcelona Launch Party

After the big launch party in NYC Paper Planes comes back home to celebrates the third issue with friends. Photographers, artists, designers, actors, models, bookers... at W Hotel. Dj sets from Artist Silvia Prada and Editor in Chief Carlos Ramírez. There you can see some images of the party
Editor in Chief Carlos Ramírez Djing
Art Director of Paper Planes Ana Mirats with Charly and Alberto To
Photograper Daniel Riera with friend
Stylist Ana de Gregorio and Borja
Artist Silvia Prada
Chic from Nike
Stylists Alberto Murtra, Susana and Monica Zafra
Illustrator Marcela Gutierrez with Patricia and Poli
Designer Juan Pedro López and David Urbano, photographer
Luis from Elite Model and Gael Marie Elite Model Director
Photographer Patricia de Gregoria and Yolanda Muelas Editor in Chief of Metal Magazine
Make Up Artist Juan Cansado
Model Joan Pedrola and Stylist Monica Zafra
Susana del Sol from Just4fun, Alberto Murtra and Gemma R.
Stylist Txema Ramírez and friends
David Donaire and Mar Ramírez
Fran Casado and Designer Israel Bonache
David Donaire, Palmira Ramírez and Ray
Leire and Marc owners of Hamptons Shop
Pics Rodrigo Manzano

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