Happy Birthday Chanel Feat Colette

From March 1st to 10th, two legendary addresses in the world of Fashion – Chanel 31 rue Cambon and Colette 213 rue Saint-HonorĂ© – will be blending their creative talent to open an ephemeral boutique at 336-340 rue Saint-HonorĂ© . Stretching over 200 m2, the boutique is set in the industrial surroundings of a former garage turned into a giant living display space. This spontaneous and eclectic installation will combine fashion, visual arts and musical performances, resulting in a fun-fuelled, creative mix and match by Chanel and Colette with a rock 'n' roll vibe. The headlining creations from the Chanel 2011 Spring-Summer collection will arouse curiosity when juxtaposed with a selection of pieces from young designers chosen by Colette.

To Die For // New Charlotte Olympia Collection

After one year out to be a mom, Portia Freeman is back more gorgeous than ever. On this movie we can see her wearing amazing shoes from the last collection of her friend Charlotte Dellal aka Charlotte Olympia. Her last collection is inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie. And as Charlotte says Poirot never had footwear like this.

Lady Gaga New Video by Nick Knight

Since her last video, directed by Steven Klein (more Madonna than ever) Lady Gaga increasingly do more to Pop diva and we can confirm with her latest single "Born this way" which sounds like her. I must to say the video is super cool, I love the work of Nick Knight, and when I saw it I was transported to the wonderful world of Lee and his latest collection "Plato´s Atlantis" with his futuristic vision from the staging to the prints. Hope you enjoy it as I have done.

Galliano Arrested Part II

The Sun posted this video today where you can see John Galliano drunk talking to these guys. The point is that when the news was published the boys said they did not recognize him and not knowing who he was but now they say they knew he was John Galliano. So this video is not from last week at La Perle, looks like but isn´t it. I would like to see the real video to find out what exactly happened. Don´t you think so?!

Fashion friday: Ruche

For five years now Trent and I have been longing for a larger piece of land to spread our wings and have enough room for animals. Room enough to easily fit a good size art studio. (Or two.) ;) Living off the grid is a dream of ours. These images from the Ruche fall 2010 look book illustrate well the lifestyle we want, clothes included! :) All you need is a hansom guy painting in the back, a few kids helping garden or playing in the mud, chickens running around, and a few baby goats and it would be even more perfect!

Galliano Arrested

This song is dedicated to John Galliano who has been dumped by his label after being arrested on suspicion of assault and anti-Semitism. Let´s wait to see what happens next week in Paris. Will he appear?! Who knows.

Thrifty Thursday : typewriter, tablecloth, crochet baby blanket, and vintge fabrics

I have a serious addiction to thrift stores.  My home is filled with thrift-ed finds. The mirror, metal tray, antique book, glass bottles, and wrought iron candle sconces, were all thrift-ed at different times throughout the past six years. (I am currently hunting for the perfect entry table. This stand in particle board shelf isn't doing the trick for me.) My most recent purchases are probably some of my most favorite though.  Just last week I found the Tiffany blue typewriter. I have another typewriter (beige) that looks really similar that is also thrift-ed. they will look great together. I also found this hand embroidered table cloth.
   The other thing I found was this hand crocheted baby blanket with cross stitched animals.  I love this blanket the most I think. I love to sit and stare at it while I'm nursing the baby. I am so inspired by the combination of crochet and cross stitch. I now have crochet/cross stitch ideas added to my ever accumulating list of craft projects.
The top photo of fabrics is my collection of vintage sheets. A collection of three! Ha ha! :) I hope to create a collection as awesome as Rachel's someday. The purple gingham is not sheets just a piece of fabric, also thrift-ed. In the second picture of fabrics you see my collection of non thrift-ed gingham. It is already outdated since just last night at Joe-Ann's I found some tiny mint colored gingham and a medium turquoise ,and a black gingham. I have plans for using these in kids clothes and quilting. I am looking for some giant orange gingham ever since I saw this. The last photo is a close up of the hand embroidered tablecloth. Isn't it lovely? :) Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the crochet gnome hat love! You're all so awesome! What are you thrift-ing these days? :)

The Swarovski Collective by Marcela Gutierrez

What can I say about Marcela Gutierrez. She is adorable and that makes her illustrations are adorable too. When I see Marcela drawing I can feel her passion in everything she does, with special attention to detail and highlighting the eyes of her portraits. Her work is unique, and some relevant brands as Prada know it. One of her latest work is for the Austrian brand Swarovski which Marcela immortalizes their new fashion generation. They include Hussein Chalayan, Rodarte, Francesco Scognamiglio, Giles, Alexander Wang and Mary Katrantzou among others. And this is only the beginning. Love you Marcela.

Pixies Foreva

Christopher Bailey Inspiration

We really love Bailey´s work.

Tutorilal: How to crochet a baby gnome hat

I want to start by welcoming all the readers that have come over from Made, where this post is participating in "Celebrate the boy". 
Dana has giveaways and a wonderful collection of tutorials for making all kinds of cute boy stuff, so if you haven't already, go and check it out. A wonderful group of bloggers will be contributing tutorials. Not to mention the lovely tutorials Dana herself will be posting as well! It lasts all month, and into march a little too, so keep going back to see whats going on over there! :) 
I decided to share crochet instructions for a baby gnome hat!  If you want to read about my inspiration for the hat and what not, you can read it over on Made. :)
I only used one skein of "Charisma" by Loops and Threads, a bulky 5 weight acrylic yarn. I chose a thick yarn for warmth, and acrylic for wash-ability. This was my second time using this yarn, I am really happy with the way it turned out and will probably use it again in the future. It is really soft and doesn't itch like some acrylic yarns. I have made this hat using a lighter weight yarn and it works fine, the spaces between stitches are a little larger though.
Most of the hat is crocheted in the round and is worked almost entirely using the double crochet stitch. The pattern I am sharing is for a 12month old - 3 yr old size head.

The hook I used was US I 9 / 5.50mm.

3 rows of 6 dc = 2in x 2in

Here is a key for all the abbreviations I use.
dc = double crochet
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
rep = repeat
sk = skip
beg = beginning
rnd = round

Lets get stared,

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1: ch 2 for first dc, 8 dc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(9 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 2: ch 2 for first dc, dc in each dc, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(9 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 3: ch 2 for first dc, dc in 1 dc, *2 dc in 1 dc, dc in next 2 dc, rep from *, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(12 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 4: same as rnd 2.
(12 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 5: same as rnd 3.
(16 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 6: same as rnd 2.
(16 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 7: same as rnd 3.
(21 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 8: same as rnd 2.
(21stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 9: same as rnd 3.
(28 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 10: same as rnd 2.
(28 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 11: same as rnd 3.
(37 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 12: same as rnd 2.
(37 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 13: same as rnd 3.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 14: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 15: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 16: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 17: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 18: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

After round 18 is finished fasten off and thread extra yarn into the hat.
You should now have a cute little gnome hat with no ear flaps.  If you don't want ear flaps you can stop here and call it good. If you do want ear flaps keep reading. :)

If you look at your hat you will see a "seam" of stitches where you joined each round and started the next one.  Lay the hat flat so that The "seam" is in the middle to make counting stitches easier. (Like in the photo below.)
 To add the first ear flap; Start working in the 10th stitch from the "seam". (see top photo above) Work the first row of the flap with the wrong side (inside of the hat) facing you.

Ear flap row 1: ch 3 for 1st dc, (working to the right) sk 2 dc, sl st,
(working to the left now) 7 dc (8 stitches total counting ch 3) in the same stitch that the ch 3 is coming out of, sk 2 dc, sl st. (See photo above.)

 Flip over and work the next row on top of the row you just made. Work with the right side (outside of the hat) facing you.
Ear flap row 2: ch 3, (working to the right) sk 2 dc, sl st, 
(working to the left now) 2 dc in every 1 dc (16 stitches total counting ch 3), sk 2, sl st. 
Fasten off and thread the extra yarn into the hat. (See photo above)

For ear flap 2 rep Ear flap row 1 and 2, starting on the 10th stitch from the "seam" on the opposite side of the hat. (See top photo above.) 
The "seam" should end up being on the back of the hat.
To make the ties cut 2 long strands of yarn. These should be three times longer than the length you want the finished ties to be.
Fold a strand in half and loop hook in the center fold of strand.
In the middle stitch of the ear flap (see bottom photo above) and pull strand of yarn though stitch. 
ch as many chain stitches it takes to run out of yarn. (Or as many ch stitches it takes to tie a bow under the chin of the person it is made for.) Fasten off and Trim excess.  
Do it again on the other flap.

 You hat should now look like the photo below.
Yippee You're done!!Put it on your little one to keep their little ears and cheeks warm and cozy.
 (Or just to see how cute they look in it.)  :)
If you want you can change it up a bit you can add pom poms or tassels to the ends of the ties.  Or you could change the color of yarn every row to make stripes. The possibilities are endless.
Happy crocheting everyone!!!
EDIT: I noticed that I forgot some details in the ear flaps. If you needed some clarifications there just read the red text.  I just added it. :) hope that helps.

Crystal Renn // Paper Planes Magazine F/W 2010

In his opening remarks of the Fall/Winter issue Paper Planes editor-in-chief Carlos Ramirez says, “So this issue is dedicated to those women (Audrey Hepburn, The Supremes, Coco Chanel) with talent, charisma, and strength throughout history have been impossible to ignore; and of course to the elegance and power of black over every other color.” That is no small order for any magazine issue no matter its size and as such Paper Planes has rightly looked to Crystal Renn for its cover story by photographer Derek Kettela. In terms of a fashion persona that could even come close to capturing the contemporary zeitgest and with the grace and elegance described by Ramirez Crystal is surely unrivaled. The story titled “Black Crystal” speaks volumes to thesis by presenting a series of classic black looks styled by Andreas Kokkino. For example in the cover shot Crystal wears a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit and an animal-print belt by Early Halloween. Classy, sexy, and, yes, curvaceous, Crystal Renn sets the editorial pages alight and once again gives another reason why she is impossible to ignore.

Loewe New Ad S/S 2011

Here is the last Loewe Ad. The super team: Stuart Vevers Loewe Creative director, Katie Grand as Art Director and Mert & Marcus shooting one of my fav models Maria Carla Boscono.
Via Loewe

Cardona Bonache

Here is my last collaboration with the designers Victor Cardona e Israel Bonache, for their last collection Lesson 4 "Godets". Hope you like it.

Pat Benatar // Love is a Battlefield

Spreading the word

My sister Merrilee in having a sale on these lovely prints to benefit this amazing family! Their daughter Davy was born with a cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects and several other conditions.
 All Lovely Love print proceeds are going to benefit the family! Merrilee posts more about it here. Check it out is really is a lovely post!
If you buy one this week you get another print of your choice free!! That deal is only going on this week so hurry and get one! I know I want one I just can't decide on a color. Go to her shop here and get yours! 


 I'll be out for a few days since I'm super busy this week.
Plus I'll be getting ready for this!
How lucky I am to be part of such a talented group of creative people!
Here is a hint at what I am working on...
See you soon!

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