Tutorial: crochet nesting cups

Hi everyone. First off, I just wanted to say how truly honored  I am to be a part of such an amazing group of talented bloggers! Last season I was drooling over all the great tutorials. Seriously, I wanted to make all the Comfy Sews and Cozy Knits! :)   In deciding what to make for this season, I soon realized I was in the ring with myself, battling it out, fighting over what side I wanted to be on. I love knitting and I love sewing. Well, crochet always gets the shaft, so I thought I would stand in the Crochet Corner in the verses ring! Knitters are always getting all the attention and it’s high time we had a duel! So, what do you say fellow crocheters, shall we hold our hooks high and fight? Lets start stitching! (Now I have the dueling song stuck in my head. You know, the one from Micky Mouses “Ye Olden Days”, circa 1933.  
“We’re gonna’ have a duel, we’re gonna’ have a duel,
“we’re gonna’ have a duel, we’re gonna’ have a duel”). :)

For my tutorial I am doing three crocheted nesting cups. I am super excited to share this pattern with you! It is super easy so even beginners can make these. They are great for stashing those random nick knacks, or, dare I say it, sewing notions! *gasp* ha ha! :) They are so cute, and fun for kids too. My 6 year old daughter keeps asking when I’m making hers so she can store all her trinkets too. :)

 The pattern is basically the same for each cup. All that is different is the number of starting stitches and rows for each size. To add pattern I made stripes by changing colors after a few rows.

Here is what you need to get started
Hook size
I used US H 8 / 5.00mm

medium 4 weight
in three different colors

Here is a key for all the abbreviations I use:
dc = double crochet
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
beg = beginning
rnd = round

-Lets get started-

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1) ch 2 for first dc, *7dc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch.
*8 stitches, counting the ch2 = Sm
10 stitches, counting the ch2 = Med
12 stitches, counting the ch2 = Lg

Rnd 2) ch 2 for first dc, 2 dc in each  dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

Rnd 3) ch 2 for first dc, 2 dc, in each  dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

Rnd 4) ch 2 for first dc, 1 dc into back loop of each  dc, sl st to top of beg ch. See photo below.
(Stitching into the back loop creates a nice edge to the base of the cups.)

Rnd 5) ch 2 for first dc, 1 dc in each  dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

For all consecutive rounds, repeat Rnd 5 and fasted off.
Sm) 5 pink rnds ,1 orange, 1 beige. 7 rounds total.

Med) 6 pink rnds, 2 orange, 1 beige. 9 rounds total.

Lg) 7 pink rnds, 3 orange, 2 beige. 12 rounds total.

So that's it! :) Super easy right?! Now you can go fill yours up with stuff! 

Mine are on my sewing table. The large one holds my threads, the medium one holds my buttons, and the small one holds my measuring tapes and a few random strands of embroidery floss.  
This was fun! Thanks so much Shannon for having me!

Check it out

Guess what, I shared this crochet tutorial over at luvinthemomyhood. Go check it out. I'll be posting the full post here in a few days but in the mean time you can see it over on her blog.

what I am up to right now

We're getting ready for Easter over here. And this year that means road trip! In deciding what needs to get packed, I am thinking of a list like this:
  • sewing machine ( for sewing at my moms house)
  • fabric
  • embroidery hoop, needle, and threads (for sewing in the car)
  • random things to entertain kids (this could be a whole other list, or book even)
  • clothes
  • diapers
  • car ride snacks
  • camera
  • home made books on tape (need to make some new ones for this trip)
  • music
Here is a tip to anyone who needs a new way to keep kids happy on a long car ride. Before you go, let the kids record themselves telling jokes, made up stories, and just being goofy. Your kids will love to listen to themselves, and, It will become a treasured keepsake when they are older. I was surprised how much my kids loved to listen to that tape! Our favorite part was the recording of the baby laughing. It made the entire car burst into laughs every time. :)
    Next week I am guest posting over at luvinthemommyhood for Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits, so be sure and come back and see what it is I'm doing! :)

    Tutorial: ruffled crepe paper streamers

      Hello everyone! I am so excited for today's post! :) I want to welcome all the readers coming over from See Kate Sew. Please stay a while and look around. :)
    If you haven't ever been to Kate's blog go and check it out!!  She prints her own fabric, made the coolest clutch from a vintage book, and I am thrilled to be a part of her Ruffle Event! Check it out, for three whole weeks there will be guest posts, inspirations, and giveaways all about ruffles! :)

    For my ruffle post I am showing you how to ruffle crepe paper streamers. I am using my ruffles to decorate origami boxes, but you can do anything you want with yours! The possibilities are endless!

     Lets start ruffling! :)

    Materials :
    • Crepe paper streamers
    • sewing machine (or needle and thread)
    1. The first thing you need to do is sew a straight stitch down the middle (or side depending on what kind of ruffle you want). If you want two layers sew through two streamers at the same time.
    In making ruffles of any kind you Do NOT back stitch, the threads need to be loose and pull-able.
    2. Next, tie a knot in the threads at one end.  This enables you to pull freely without the worry of pulling the thread completely out. (Something I did so many times it's not even funny, thus the creation of this step).

     3. Now pull one of the threads at the end that that has no knot. You can gather the ruffle loose or really full whatever you want! :)
    4. Once you have the ruffle to the desired fullness, tie a knot at the other end (the end with no knot) and trim the excess threads. 
    5. (optional)  If you want to you can sew on top of your ruffle after you have gathered it to keep it from sliding around on the thread. (I was impatient and ready to move on, so I opted out on this step for some of my ruffles).

    You're done!

    Now is the fun part where you get to figure out what to do with your ruffles! :)  I had been itching to make origami boxes again so I did. :) While at the thrift store a while back, I found a huge old ledger book full of ledger paper, I tried using it for origami and I am smitten!  It is just the right weight and looks so pretty all folded up! :) I used the ruffles to decorate the boxes and since ruffles are so textured you really don't need anything else on the package. 
      I was having so much fun so I did two color schemes; sherbet (above), and blues (below).
    I was going crazy making ruffles so I sewed some to card-stock and made a matching card. I also made the envelope out of the ledger paper by tracing another envelope.

    For this package I added a pretty blue ribbon on top of the white ruffle to give it an extra pop.  I also used ledger paper to make a simple ruffled card.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

    vintage school books

    I have a collection of vintage school books that my daughter uses to practice reading.  The illustrations in some are so incredible.  I thought I would share a few. :)

     Thanks for stopping by! :) Come back soon because I have some ruffles up my sleeve for See Kate Sew's Ruffle event!

    Made by you: Doily craft and crocheted gnome hat

    Just look at this, isn't it beautiful ? Keren made the tiny doily inspired by my doily tutorial. See how she did it here.

     Oh and BTW Thanks so much you guys for the gnome hat love! It has gone viral! I am blown away at how much people love it! :) It has had 11,972 page views to date. Gosh you are all so nice and so super awesome! Oh and you are all so talented! Just look at all these cute gnome hats people made using my tutorial! :)

     made by Delia Creates

     made by Kuky Ideas

     made by Emmmy Lizzzy

    Tutorial: How to make colorful yarn rope

     I have had a little hair braider for a while now, but only recently did I use it in crafting.  It is now one of my favorite craft tools! I have seen these come with four, three and two prongs. They are so easy to use. I found mine at the thrift store. I thought it would be fun to make a little tutorial for you.
    • Hair braiding tool
    • yarn
    • 1 safety pin
    1. Start by cutting the same length of yarn in each color.2. Tie all yarns into a knot at one end.
    3. Use the safety pin to pin the knot to a heavy object. (I used my heavy purse that holds all my scrapbook paper).
    4. Next attach the other end of each yarn to the braid maker. You do this by pushing up on the back of each prong to open the metal hook. Put the yarn in the hook, then let the hook spring back down to hold the yarn in place.
    5. Now, pull the yarn taught and push up on the button toward the #1. Do this for a long time to make the rope be tight and really twisted when it is finished. 
     NOTE: For this part you want the yarns to spin individually, NOT TWIST TOGETHER. If the yarn is twisting together run your fingers along while you spin so they don't twist.

    6. Keep the yarn taught, and now push the button down toward the #2.  Do this for as long as it takes to get the rope to look the way you want.  
    Note: If the yarn is twisting too much at one end, gently pinch the rope while you spin and guide the tighter part up to the other end till it is evenly twisted.

    7. Lastly, pinch the part of the rope that is closest to the braid machine, take the yarn out of the machine, and tie a knot.
    I am working on tons of projects right now but all of them are still unfinished. I am so excited for when I finally get to share then with you.  To hold you off I thought I would share some Pintrest goodness with you.
    If you aren't familiar with Pintrest then read the next paragraph.
    If you are a lover of saving photos from the web for inspiration boards but hate the hassle of trying to remember the URLs to give credit, then Pintrest is for you! You can "pin" an image that inspires you and it remembers the site it is from for you. Here is a link to my many pin boards.
    Click the images to go my pin where it is already linked to the source.
     Isn't this adorable? I want to try and make something like this for my baby this summer.

    This image, to me, is breathtaking!  I love the white fading into moody blackness, I also love the textures of the different fabrics she is wearing.  I showed it to my husband and told him he should do a painting like it.

      This is so romantic looking! I could maybe do something like this if there was a house with a shower and toilet close by.  A more realistic version would be to have this tent in our living-room.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)