Another quilt top finished! { and a pattern of sorts }

Remember the bunting slash pendant quilt from these other posts? Well I finished piecing it! I am so happy with how it turned out!!
I chose a primary color theme and decided to do a mix of traditional and modern fabrics. I love that it is simple and each fabric is showcased by the white surrounding it.
Let me tell you a little about it in case you want to make one too.
  • Each triangle measures 5x8x8 in.
  • There are 96 colored triangles and 102 white muslin triangles.
  • Sew the 8 inch sides of the triangles together alternating between colored and white.
  •  Make 6 sections (or strips) of 17 white triangles and 16 colored ones. 
  • Each triangle section/strip begins and ends with a white triangle.
  • The 5 strips of muslin between the triangle sections are 9 in. x 70in.
  • The top and bottom strips of white muslin are 4.5 in. x 70in.
I'll be sure to share the finished product all bound and quilted! :)
I honestly can't believe I made a quilt by myself!! I always said that of all the crafts, quilting was the one I would never be able to do. But I figured it out pretty good I think. It really turned out better than I thought, I figured all the tips would get sewn into the seams but somehow they didn't!
I also remember saying once that quilting was a stupid craft because you take perfectly good pieces of fabric and cut them up just so you can put them back together again. Well, people change and I take it all back! Quilting ROCKS!!!!!! :) And I hope to keep making more and more!

On a  completely different note,  we found a baby robin that fell out of its nest today. 
 I heard it crying while I was outside taking photos of the quilt. It's so adorable an tiny! We fed it half a worm and them put it back in the nest. It seems the parents had no problem with us handling it and are taking care of it again. :)

Road trip preparations

We have a road trip to plan and I am so glad we are feeling better. Thank you all for the well wishes and kind words sent our way. You are all so sweet! :) 
Last year I brought my sewing bag and did some hand sewing in the car. It was such a good distraction to have during an 8 hour trip. I was surprised that I didn't even get car sick. 
I will for sure bring something to work on this time. Maybe I 'll cross stitch a pillow or crochet something.
Bringing some roses from the garden helped the car smell great! (I know it's totally random to bring flowers but I didn't want them to bloom and die while we were gone so I brought them along! )
Every July 4th my family gets together for a reunion of sorts. We usually have a themed party to make things that much more fun! (Click here, here and here, to see the different themes from past reunions.)This years theme is Pirates. Awesome right?  I am so excited! Take a look at my pirate pin board to see some great inspirations and ideas.
I made a list of what I need to get ready before we go.
  •  Cross stitch stuff
              -Embroidery hoop
  • Crochet stuff
  • Pirate stuff
              -Jolly roger flag
              -Pirate dummy (As requested by my mom, I'm excited to find out what he's for.)
              -Pirate dress ups
              -Pirate photo booth back drop

Trent is at Art on the Lawn all day today, I miss him. the goal is that he will return with less paintings and more money! :) Lizzy went with him to sell her paintings too. I hope she has a good experience! Ever since she made 10 bucks selling deflated balloons in front of the house a few weeks ago she has been obsessed with money making ideas. I hope this one goes just as well for her.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Feeling a little tike this...

I'll be taking a break from blogging since were (me included) not feeling too good at our house these days. :( hopefully we'll be feeling better soon.

quilt top

I finished my very first quilt top! My amazing quilting sister helped me a lot! Thanks Annie Carie! It's a little lap quilt made from long pre-cut fabric she bought for me as a birthday gift. I can't remember the name of the fabric line but I know it is sold at Jo-Ann's. :)

I really love the color scheme. I actually just bought similar colored ginghams and dots at the thrift store. Maybe another quilt? :) 
Were having a rough time over here with my husband busy getting ready for an art competition and baby boy being sick. He finally kept solid food down right before bed. Curse that church nursery class! He has only been in nursery for three weeks and he got hit with those nasty germs pretty hard! :( We'll pull through. I'm confident the worst is over.

Hope you all have a happy week full of happiness and health.

striped baby tunic

I am a little late for Dana's boy clothes week, but I still wanted to share the little striped tunic I made for my youngest. I made up the pattern as I went but it 's basically this ,and this combined.
 I used and old orange t-shirt and a blue (super faded) baby blanket I had saved for making kids clothes.

Miroslav Klose Wallpaper

Dreaming of a pretty kids room.

I am re-doing the kid's room. We never really finished painting it and it is looking sad. I go in there and can't stand the randomness of it all. First of all, the beds don't match and its really bugging me. Don't get me wrong I love mismatched and eclectic style but in their room it's not eclectic, it hideous. If I get brave enough I'll snap a picture of how it looks now and show it to you. That probably won't happen till I get you an after picture to help relieve the shock :)
I have here a collection of Pins I saved on my "Home" Pin board. To see all the other pins on that board just click here, If you want to see all my pins boards go here.

How do I want the room to look?
 Do I want flowery wallpaper?

 do I want clean white walls with colorful accents?

I realize that these two styles are not much alike, but I really like both of them.
I love the romantic feeling of floral walls and antique beds. So pretty and soothing.
I also like the simple white because you can hang up almost anything on the wall and it doesn't look bad. Also it gives room for a bright and cheery hand sewn quilt!

This is a boys room too so flowers will have to wait. 
The poor boy had to live in a pink room for years (we finally painted it a pale green) we don't want to traumatize him.
Maybe the flowered wallpaper will show up in a new craft room, or possible when Lizzy gets her own room. I couldn't help swooning at all the wallpapered rooms so I decided to share them with you any way.
What is your style? Are you a flower lover or a white purist?
Hope this Post finds you all well! Have a great week everyone!

Hair cut

I chopped off my hair a few weeks ago and wanted to share the before and afters. :) My hair was getting so long that I always wore it in a pony tale except at church. So that is why I included a "before in reality" photo. because I wasn't going from " long lovely locks" to "no more hair". I was in reality, going from "permanently pulled back" to "How cute, she does her hair now!" :) I really Like how it turned out! It takes practically no shampoo, and I can go to bed with it wet and I don't drown in a wet pillow since it drys so fast! It was perfect timing for summer too! :) I love it!

irises and lilacs

Our irises are blooming like crazy right now! We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend with quite a few blossoms and today they are ten fold! :) Most of our irises are white and yellow but later we will have some deep purple ones (that are already budding)! :) I cut a bunch of them today for another bouquet. Our first bouquet from last week finally died. They are so fragrant!! I love having irises in our kitchen. 
 I really love how these lone white irises look in the window. So pretty.
Our lilacs are blooming as well. I Love lilacs!!! 
Growing up we had a 40 foot hedge of lilacs; when it bloomed the whole front yard smelled wonderful. So the smell brings me back home and I feel like a kid again, running around barefoot playing with my dolls and drawing fairies.

The smell of lilacs also means the end of school to me, since they bloom in June, and even though our kids don't go to public school it still makes me excited! I guess its the idea of summer being just around the corner. Either way the smell of lilacs is one of The Best Smells!!  (The best smell being new baby smell.)
Hope you have a fragrant weekend as well! :)
I sewed this pant suit for my daughter last week. i love it! I made it up based on some awesome kids clothes I have seen around the web. I took the photos before I ironed it so forgive the crease in the waistband. Eventually I will post a little more on what the pattern pieces looked like so you can try and make one too if you want. :)