irises and lilacs

Our irises are blooming like crazy right now! We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend with quite a few blossoms and today they are ten fold! :) Most of our irises are white and yellow but later we will have some deep purple ones (that are already budding)! :) I cut a bunch of them today for another bouquet. Our first bouquet from last week finally died. They are so fragrant!! I love having irises in our kitchen. 
 I really love how these lone white irises look in the window. So pretty.
Our lilacs are blooming as well. I Love lilacs!!! 
Growing up we had a 40 foot hedge of lilacs; when it bloomed the whole front yard smelled wonderful. So the smell brings me back home and I feel like a kid again, running around barefoot playing with my dolls and drawing fairies.

The smell of lilacs also means the end of school to me, since they bloom in June, and even though our kids don't go to public school it still makes me excited! I guess its the idea of summer being just around the corner. Either way the smell of lilacs is one of The Best Smells!!  (The best smell being new baby smell.)
Hope you have a fragrant weekend as well! :)

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