We went to the doctor this Tuesday and found out that we're having a girl!! We are all so excited, even the boys wanted a girl! Immediately after leaving the doctors we all went to the thrift store to celebrate! I had given almost all my girl clothes away during my last pregnancy when I found out I was having another boy. I am not regretting giving them away because most of them were not that awesome any way. I kept all the best ones, but that wasn't very much. I have to say the pink dress is my most fave! I bought it a month ago hoping I was having a girl. I figured if I had a boy I would turn it into doll clothes or give it as a gift. All the other outfits I bought at the thrift store Tuesday. The pink bonnet is something I crocheted for Lizzy when she was a baby and I am still in love with the colors and design. I'll have to throw a pattern together sometime. It is super easy to make. I found all the quilt fabrics at thrift stores throughout the past year. I went through all the fabrics and put together a girly collection.  The color pallet kind of evolved and I really like how it turned out. :) I am so excited to be having a girl! I have so many ideas for sewing and crocheting her clothes! I'll be sure and share them as they come to be. Take care!

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